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Ben met Donna on the quad at 7 a.m. (his suggestion), and they walked to the SUB to get bagels for breakfast (her suggestion).  Donna was acting strangely right from “hello” — really formal and distracted.  Out of the blue, she asked how his class was going.  Normally they only talked about their classes if they had a gripe or if a professor had told a funny joke or said something weird.  Ben felt his brain on hyper drive, and it was possible he was reading too much into such an innocent question, but he didn’t think so.  She knew what he had in mind.  Now it was inevitable, even if neither knew how to begin the cease-and-desist.  As they walked side-by-side across the grass to the SUB, he countered her small talk with small talk.  And so he began acting strangely, too.

“How are the wedding plans?” he asked.  Her sister was getting married.

“Same as always,” she said.

“Your mom still bugging you about the dress?”


“Your sister still set on the peach one?”

He felt like strangling himself.  Why did Donna not just start jabbering about the dress and the wedding and allow Ben to start working up the energy to break up with her?  She was being cruel.

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