Three quick reviews

teresa wright & dana andrews - the best years of our lives 1946The Best Years of Our Lives— I finally saw this one after having it on my obligation list.  I had it in my head that it would be insufferable war propaganda, like some Capra movies.  But almost immediately I knew it is much more than that because Frederic March is so droll and because Myrna Loy’s obvious devotion to him means that he MUST be deserving of her.  And it turns out he is.  Dana Andrews is the center, and just as in Laura he’s solid playing a compellingly flawed man.  Teresa Wright’s character Peggy saves Andrews’ Fred when his ill-conceived marriage ends (or maybe she helps it end).  When Peggy comforts Fred through his PTSD nightmare, I think I loved her, too.  Hoagy Carmichael’s character Uncle Butch is fun.

Osaka Elegy— my first Kenji Mizoguchi film.  I loved the camera movement.  I can appreciate that it was probably revolutionary for its time because of the way the camera stalked the characters and moved with them and abandoned them.  The story didn’t exactly captivate.

Sweet Smell of Success — Burt Lancaster is despicable, riveting, and (it turns out) creepy.  Tony Curtis is compelling as a man who compromises what little integrity he had to begin with.  Bottom line: I found it hard to root for anyone here.  My loss, maybe.


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